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Fall Cleaning

October 23, 2019 2:47 pm

With Fall upon us in the Delaware Valley, it’s time to consider what should be done to winterize your home. Autumn is a perfect time to take care of outdoor projects that should be addressed once the summer heat has passed and before the peak of winter settles in. There are plenty of outdoor projects that can now be taken care of with pressure washing, as long as handled by an industry expert.

Here in Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County, there are a tone of errands for homeowners to do in preparation of winter. However, some of these jobs are best left to industry experts and that includes pressure washing. While home improvement stores may try to convince you that renting a power washer is a good idea, you will not be happy with the final results.

Either you will be unable to get as thorough a job done as you hoped, or you could end up injured. There is a special grade of washer meant only to be used by trained and licensed experts, get a hold of this and you could hurt yourself. Or try to use a low-grade one and it won’t do more than move dirt from one side of your driveway to the other.

So what needs to be pressure washed prior to the end of autumn?

Deck: It’s time for a thorough power washing, especially if you are planning on weatherproofing your deck before it gets cold. Pressure washing will remove debris, mold, mildew, and other residue so that it’s clean once Spring arrives again.

Gutters: Have you ever been stuck with leaves in your gutters and a big storm is coming? Rushing outside with a ladder in the middle of gale force winds is no way to protect your home. Washing out your gutters will remove all the leaves and debris that is clogging the natural flow of water they are intended for.

Driveway: Since you’re focused on improving your home’s overall curb appeal, consider getting your driveway pressure washed. Stains, dirt, and organic matter means While you are at it, make it a point to get your driveway cleaned. Removing rubbish, dirt, and organic matter from the drive means less material to get frozen to the ground.

Judge Mobile Wash has the trained and experienced technicians you need to bring your home back to is original beauty. Call us today!